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The Incredible Booth Software Demo


Welcome to The Incredible Booth V2 demo. We would firstly like to outline that this demo has limited functionality and will require a working version of “Breeze Systems” DSLR Remote Pro v3.6.1 in order run. Unfortunately, a fully functioning demo of The Incredible Booth is not available due to the complexity of the integration. However, we hope that this limited demo provides you with an insight into the look and feel of the interface, the convenience it will bring to you and your photo booth business, and the benefits that this can provide to your clients.

The Demo Requirements


Breeze Systems v3.6.1: The Incredible Booth exists solely as a plugin designed and developed to work in collaboration with “Breeze Systems” DSLR Remote Pro v3.6.1.

*Correct operation cannot be guaranteed or recommended on any past or future releases of “Breeze Systems” DSLR Remote Pro.

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