The Incredible Booth V2 Demo:

The Ultimate Green Screen Software


About The Demo.

Welcome to The Incredible Booth V2 demo. We would like to make you aware that this demo has limited functionality and will require either a full or demo version of “Breeze Systems” DSLR Remote Pro v3.6.1 in order to use it. Currently a fully functioning demo of The Incredible Booth is not available due to the overall size of the full version. However, we hope that this limited demo version provides you with an insight into the look and feel of The Incredible Booth, the convenience it will bring to your photo booth business, and the benefits that this can provide to you as a business owner.

The Incredible Booth Software Requirements

The Software Requirements.

Breeze Systems v3.6.1: The Incredible Booth essentially exists as a direct plugin designed and developed to work in collaboration with “Breeze Systems” DSLR Remote Pro v3.6.1. Should your system be running any previous versions of “Breeze Systems” DSLR Remote Pro, it will be necassary for you to update your DSLR software to version v3.6.1.
*Correct operation cannot be guaranteed or recommended on any past or future releases of “Breeze Systems” DSLR Remote Pro unless stated and warranted in writing by The Incredible Booth.

Operating System: A full version of Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10. Mobile versions of Windows provided on various tablets are not compatible.

The Incredible Booth Hardware

Demo Version Hardware Requirements.

Please ensure that you current system and set-up meets the current requirements prior to registering for a demo.

Processor: Equivalent to, or higher than i5-5250U Processor. Lesser processors will operate but will result in slower operating and processing times.

Usb Ports: Minimum of 2 USB ports. In some installations, one Usb port must be a designated printer port, remaining port may utilise a USB hub.

Graphics/Display: Computer and touch screen interface must be capable of out-putting and displaying at 1920 x 1080p resolutions.

Disk Space: Installation requires 1.5gb of free C: drive disk Space.

Memory: Minimum 4gb Ram.

Camera: For demo purposes only, either use the “Simulated camera mode” which is available within “Breeze Systems” DSLR Remote Pro v3.6.1, otherwise a compatible Canon D-SLR camera as specified by Breeze Systems.

Photo printer: All printing facilites within the demo version have been diabled. The full version of The Incredible Booth is currently configured for either 1240 x 1844 pixel or 1864 x 1228 pixel photo printers.

Lighting: The Incredible booth can be used in conjunction with Flash, Studio or Constant lighting. Some configuration and setup of Breeze System DSLR Remote Pro will be required.

Backdrop: A green screen backdrop will be required.

Internet Connection: A wired or wireless internet connection is required to download and install The Incredible Booth.


Fill out the demo registration form and we will send you an installation email.

Based In:*
Please read the minimum system requirements and confirm
that your system meets to the following,

  • Your system currently uses Breeze Systems DSLR
    Remote Pro v3.6.1 or you plan to install Breeze
    Systems DSLR Remote Pro v3.6.1 prior to the
    installation of The Incredible Booth.
  • Your system uses a touch screen monitor capable
    of displaying 1920 x 1080 resolutions.
  • Your system graphics can produce 1920 x 1080

Every effort has been made to ensure our installation emails reach your Inbox, however please remember to also check your Spam and Junk folders just in case.