Product Overview


Thank you for taking the time to stop by and visit the “The Incredible Booth” website.

The Incredible Booth is an amazing piece of software created to co-exist within “Breeze Systems” DSLR Remote Pro v3.6.1. Designed and developed with the current market needs in mind, The Incredible Booth creates new and exciting business opportunities for every photo booth business whilst simplifying the complex task of generating selective multi-level green screen software and transforms it into a convenient, simple, cost effective solution. Equipped with 5 unique photo booth modes, 10 selectable green screen categories, hundreds of pre-configured background & layout combinations, “LOCK DOWN” facilities, animated GIF creation, and a selectable Social Media integration, The Incredible Booth will undoubtedly transform any green screen photo booth services your business may already offer.

This new and exciting green screen photo booth software is the perfect way to expand your business opportunities and a great way to appeal to new clients. It’s fun, easy to use and guaranteed to impress.