The Incredible Booth has been developed to offer a pre-configured, convenient, no hassle, out the box solution to the complex task of generating multi-purpose photo booth software. Complete with 5 unique photo booth modes, an awesome array of background and layout combinations, a single background lock down mode, social media integration and a catalog of other feature rich additions, The Incredible Booth really does for-fill every requirement. The operation principles of The Incredible Booth have been designed to work seemliness with “Breeze Systems” DSLR Remote Pro v3.6.1 whilst being as straight forward as possible. Once installed and configured, our unique customisation tool will easily amend The Incredible Booth software to suit every requirement.

The Customization tool should be regarded as the control center of The Incredible Booth software. It has been developed to ensure the simplest and most effective way to customize The Incredible Booth, Custom Green Screen and Custom P.B.O modes of the software. The customization tool is exempt from amending any settings within the GIF Booth or Video Booth, these 2 photo booth modes should be amended by loading Profile 4 through the conventional Breeze Systems DSLR Remote Pro v3.6.1 dialog box. Once open, the Customization Tool will display an array of options and settings which mirror the settings seen and used in Breeze Systems DSLR Remote Pro v3.6.1. Each setting can be customized to suit your individual photo booth setup and an individual client’s requests. Once a setting is amended and customized the value will remain stored within the customization tool and the software until it is either changed to an alternative setting or the Default button is actioned to return The Incredible Booth to its default state.




Enable Social Media Sharing On/Off
A social media sharing option can be displayed at the end of each Photo Booth session allowing clients to upload either their photos directly to Cellphones, Email, Facebook, or Twitter accounts. An additional option exists entitled GIF should the need exist to share an animated GIF. Create Animated Gif of Photo needs to be enabled.

Facebook Album Name
With Social Media Sharing enabled, a Facebook album name can be specified with the photo / GIF when uploading to client’s Facebook pages.

Email Subject
With Social Media Sharing enabled an Email subject heading can be specified when uploading to client’s Email accounts.

Email Message
With Social Media Sharing enabled a unique Email message can be displayed alongside the attached photo or GIF when uploading to client’s email account. The Email message can be specified as either plain text or HTML.

Twitter Comment
With Social Media Sharing enabled a Twitter Comment can be specified and displayed when uploading to client’s Twitter account. Please note that a maximum character count of 120 exists.

MMS Comment
With Social Media Sharing enabled a MMS/SMS Message can be specified and displayed when uploading to client’s Cellphone.




Create Animated GIF of Photo On/Off
The Create Animated GIF of Photo option is available for creation of an animated GIF’s. The GIF is created from the photos captured during a normal photo booth session and should the need exist to share the animated GIF’s via social media, it is essential that the GIF setting in the Enable Social Media Sharing section of the customization tool is enabled.
It is recommended that when uploading to sites such as Facebook that MP4 setting is also enabled.

In additional to the Create Animated GIF of Photo, an MP4 setting exists. The MP4 setting enables an additional animated GIF to be created in an MP4 format. The MP4 GIF is much smaller than the original raw GIF file making it ideal when uploading to sites such as Facebook.

Animated GIF Setup
The animated GIF settings window in the customization tool specifies the setup values for GIFs captured within The Incredible Booth, Custom G/S and Classic P.B.O photo booth modes. The settings dictate the length, size and format that the animated GIF’s will be created in within these modes. The Settings specified in this window will not affect operations or settings within the GIF Booth mode.



Fonts & Captions
The Font setting enables the global customization of the font and font size to be applied to the final print. As default, a token entitled {comment} is used within the text field box to enable the user to add a desired message or caption to the print by utilizing the “comments” text field within Breeze Systems DSLR Remote Pro v3.6.1. This is benneficial to the user as it does not require The Incredible Booth software to be re-customised to simply add a small line of text.

In addition, the captions and comments are pre-programmed to be added to specific locations on each layout excluding the keyrings layout which is exempt from captions and fonts altogether.

The custom overlay function enables 5 different custom overlays to be applied throughout The Incredible Booth software. Each custom overlay button is specific to an individual layout allowing unique overlays to be designed and applied to respective layouts. The overlay file must be in a png format and is recommended to be created to the same size as your printer’s resolution. Custom overlays are applied to The Incredible Booth photo booth mode only, Custom G/s and Custom P.B.O photo booth modes are exempt from this feature as they are specifically designed to be used with one off custom designs with custom overlays. Once a custom overlay image has been added to The Incredible Booth it can simply be overwritten or replaced by adding a new image in the same way. Complete removal of the image is achieved by using the Default function or by adding a blank png file to each layout.



Mirror Live View
This setting enables the live view image to be mirrored so that the user sees the image in the same way as if they were looking into a mirror. Warning: In the event that Mirror Live View Images is disabled, the descriptive live view overlays displayed during operation will appear reversed.

Flash Modes
Clients using a Rebel series camera (e.g. Canon Rebel T6/EOS 1300D) with a studio strobe connected via the camera’s hotshoe using a hotshoe to PC sync adaptor will need to select the External flash mode setting otherwise the flash won’t be triggered when taking photos. If a Canon E-TTL compatible flash or the camera’s built-in flash is used the External flash mode setting does not need to be enabled.
Please refer to the External flash mode and camera settings section of the Breeze Systems” DSLR Remote Pro v3.6.1 user manual for further insight into the use of this setting.

Camera Position In Photo Booth
This setting adapts The Incredible Booth software to suit the individual photo booth setup that the software is to be used with. The setting amends the direction in which the hands point when the Look At The Camera screen is displayed.

Image Preview Time
This setting modifies The Incredible Booth software image preview time. A duration in secs can be specified to determine the length of time to display the preview of the photo (set this to 0 to disable the preview).

Image Processing Time
This setting modifies The Incredible Booth software “Minimum duration in seconds before closing processing screen. If this setting is set to 0 the processing screen will close as soon as the data has been sent to the printer. The processing screen can be displayed for longer periods by adjusting this value.

Camera Settings
This setting specifies the required Camera Settings mode to be used within Breeze Systems” DSLR Remote Pro v3.6.1. If bank 1 or bank 2 modes are required for your individual setup, first set the desired Camera Settings mode (bank 1 or bank 2) in The Incredible Booth customisation tool and customise The Incredible Booth software. Once customised it will be necessary to configure the Camera settings dialog box within Breeze Systems DSLR Remote Pro v3.6.1. This is achieved by using the Advanced settings and loading a profile entitled The Incredible Booth LOAD ME which is found in the following location; C:\The Incredible Booth
Once loaded, the new mode will be displayed in the Breeze Systems DSLR Remote Pro v3.6.1 Advanced settings window with a tab entitled camera settings displayed to the right of it. Specify the required values for the desired mode in this camera settings dialog box and re-save the profile.