Legal Policies

The Incredible Booth Terms and Conditions of Sale.

1. Application of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale
The general terms and conditions of sale outlined below (hereafter known as “General Conditions”), govern the contractual relationship between any user of THE INCREDIBLE BOOTH software and I.C.G VISUAL IMAGING LTD, a joint-stock company with headquarters situated at P.O BOX 21 HAVANT PO9 3JQ ENGLAND. These general terms and conditions are the only ones applicable and replace all other conditions, except in the case of express written consent. THE INCREDIBLE BOOTH may be occasionally obliged to modify certain provisions of its general conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to re-read the terms and conditions before each purchase on the site. We consider that by confirming your order, you have read and accepted our general conditions of sale without reserve.

All orders placed by the customer imply the full acceptance of the present general conditions of sale. Any clause accompanying a customer’s order, or any other document which is in opposition to, or which adds a new element to the present general conditions (such as the general conditions of purchase by the customer), will not be accepted by THE INCREDIBLE BOOTH.

⦁    Contact Details for

Company’s Registration Name

Company’s Place of Registration
Companies House Crown Way Cardiff CF14 3UZ

Company’s Registered Office Address
78 Maylands Road Havant PO9 3NR

Company’s Registered Number

Company’s Telephone Number
+44 (0) 2392 473 914

Company’s Email Address

2. Prices and Discounts
Although we deal with all currencies the products sold by THE INCREDIBLE BOOTH are billed and advertised in British sterling or in local currency and without tax (under the condition that you provide us with a conforming inter community VAT number: see Article 15), at the price quoted on the day of the registration of the order by THE INCREDIBLE BOOTH. It does not include delivery charges, under the condition that the delivery is not prolonged by the client. THE INCREDIBLE BOOTH reserves the right to modify its price at any time and in compliance with current laws. For the European Union, prices shall appear in British Sterling on the site. In certain cases, products supplied in a currency other than British Sterling, and with a trading variation superior to 3%, may have that variation reflected on the date of invoicing.

After acceptance of THE INCREDIBLE BOOTH’S present general conditions of sale, and acceptance as evidenced by voluntarily ticking the box attesting to the fact that the client has read and approves of the said conditions, all THE INCREDIBLE BOOTH clients can benefit from discounts when they are active from THE INCREDIBLE BOOTH.

3. Payment Conditions
Except in special conditions requiring a special agreement, THE INCREDIBLE BOOTH payment conditions are as follows:
⦁    Order payment by bank card Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, American Express.
⦁    Bank Transfer
Any of these payment options must first be authorised by THE INCREDIBLE BOOTH’S financial department.

4. Availability of product
Our products are offered while supplies last. The information on the availability of products comes directly from our suppliers and is provided to you at the moment an order is put through. We cannot be held responsible for any error or exceptional modification. In the event that a product is not available after you have placed an order, we will inform you by email as quickly as possible so that you may cancel your order if said order is over 15 business days late.

5. Forwarding – Delivery – Delivery Charges – Import Taxes
Upon receipt of your order, we recommend that you check to see if the products delivered conform to your order or indicate if they are damaged, where appropriate, when you sign for your delivery.

THE INCREDIBLE BOOTH decides on the mode of delivery except where if specially indicated by the client. The risks associated with delivery are the responsibility of the client.

THE INCREDIBLE BOOTH will not put forward any shipments until all pending funds have been cleared by THE INCREDIBLE BOOTH bank clearance program.

The client can request an EXPRESS delivery (an order forwarded before 12 pm will be delivered in 24/48 hours). This will incur an additional charge that The Incredible Booth is not liable for, this service must be paid for by the client and all funds to be cleared with The Incredible Booth financial department before dispatch of item. These options apply to the U.K only. Delivery usually takes 3-5 working days following the confirmation of your order. Delivery may take longer for areas that are not easily accessible. This is for U.K only. The client must, as of reception, inspect the parcels within the legal time frame. Please note, conditions such as “acceptance conditional upon verification” or “acceptance conditional upon opening of wrapping” have no legal value with insurers or transporters

It is the client’s responsibility to provide proof of missing or broken articles.

THE INCREDIBLE BOOTH will strive to respect the stated delivery times, but cannot be held liable for interest and damages because of late delivery or delays with customs or tax offices, we cannot accept the cancellation of an order on that basis. An order made for articles not in stock may be the object of a longer period of delay or a cancellation. If you do not receive your order within the given time frame, you must file a report with THE INCREDIBLE BOOTH no later than 30 calendar days following the dispatch of the parcel. An enquiry will be opened with the carrier.

This may take several days. Please enclose proof of ID and a sworn statement stating the delivery address and declaring that the parcel has not been received. The Incredible Booth is unable to give details regarding further action while the enquiry is underway.

THE INCREDIBLE BOOTH will not be liable for any charges in relation to import taxes

6. Split Shipments
Under no circumstance will THE INCREDIBLE BOOTH process any orders for delivery unless all elements of the order are satisfied under its own accord. In the event that a request is made for an Incomplete order to be processed THE INCREDIBLE BOOTH will evaluate the request on an individual basis and notify the clients in writing.

7. Claim
If the products received do not conform to the invoice, the client must advise THE INCREDIBLE BOOTH immediately, or at the latest three days beginning with the date the order was received. A copy of the invoice must be attached to the client’s claim. Any claim based on the quality of a product must be accompanied by a specimen of said product containing the flaw.
No claims will be processed that do not adhere to the above conditions.

8. Returns / Refunds
Products must be returned in perfect condition, carefully packaged in their original state, with all of their accessories (e.g. U.S.B, Instructions.) and without any modifications to their reference and serial numbers. They must have their labels intact, along with any stamps or marks required for resale. Products must be returned to the After-Sales Service’s returns centre in ENGLAND P.O BOX 21 HAVANT UK PO9 3JQ. Products must be sent by recorded delivery regardless of whether they are the subject of a refund or a return to the After-Sales Service. If a product is returned without prior written authorisation from THE INCREDIBLE BOOTH, it will be automatically sent back to the client at their expense. Once your product has been recieved by The Incredible Booth and checked for compliance with the above criteria and upon acceptance of this criteria a full refund will be processed to you via your method of payment within 14 days

9. Manufacture Warranties and after-sales services
All products sold by THE INCREDIBLE BOOTH come with a 6 Month “manufacturer warranty”. Repairs to products, whether they are covered by warranty or not, are guaranteed by the manufacturer or certified workshop. Whether the brand has operations in the UK or is represented by a third party is irrelevant. Any unauthorised attempt to break apart, copy, change files/paths replace, re-wright, or change the XML code of THE INCREDIBLE BOOTH software will void any warranty and will be subject to legal proceedings.
The product warranty for THE INCREDIBLE BOOTH does not cover:
– incorrect or inappropriate use of products. Please read the user manual supplied with your product carefully,
– malfunction due to accessories such as cables,
– defects and consequences following repairs by a person non-certified by THE INCREDIBLE BOOTH,
– defects and consequences due to external causes.

Please note that warranties do not apply to repairs for damage due to external causes, e.g. accidents, shocks, power spikes, lightning, etc, or to the customer’s incorrect use of the product, e.g. product not installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, detrimental use of product, use of unsuitable peripherals, accessories or consumables, etc.
Defective or faulty products must be returned to THE INCREDIBLE BOOTH head office. P.O BOX 21 HAVANT PO9 3JQ ENGLAND

Should you be unable to contact the manufacturer, you may return your product via standard post (or carrier) to the address given above. THE INCREDIBLE BOOTH agrees to arrange repairs with its suppliers. Whatever the problem, you must return your product along with a copy of the invoice.

Products are returned at the customer’s expense.
For any information concerning the After Sales Service. Our customer services team will be happy to answer your questions any time from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m, GMT London time Monday to Friday.
– Tel +44 (0) 2392 473 914

10. Trademarks
Trademarks distributed by THE INCREDIBLE BOOTH are protected by current laws and international conventions. As a consequence, neither clients nor third parties can use trademarks without the express written consent of the trademark holder. It is understood and agreed that the acceptance of the present General Conditions is not in any way such an authorisation.

11. Insurance
To cover the risk of loss, of theft or other damages in transport that some of the products may be subject to, each party shall make provisions to cover such losses with its own insurance company.

12. Liability limits No liability will be accepted for loss or damages, direct or indirect, whatever the cause.

13. Ownership of Property
THE INCREDIBLE BOOTH remains the owner of the merchandise delivered until the full payment is made. A promise of payment is not considered full payment until said payment has actually been processed. Any damage caused while in the possession of the client, it is his/her responsibility. Should the client deliver merchandise to a third party that has not been paid for, they are advised to immediately inform THE INCREDIBLE BOOTH.

14. Point of Sale
In the case of non-payment, declined transaction or any other reason for the funds not to be debited to THE INCREDIBLE BOOTH the product will not be shipped and the sale shall be considered void.

15. Applicable law – Attribution of jurisdiction
In the event of a failure to amicably resolve payment, all litigation involving THE INCREDIBLE BOOTH and its clients will be settled exclusively in the Courts of the United Kingdom with the applicable law being British law. Certain products sold fall under the domain of strategic merchandise and cannot be exported without express written consent from THE INCREDIBLE BOOTH.