The Incredible Booth offers the industry a new show stopper....

Welcome To Fusion!

Welcome to the Fusion, our latest show stopping Magic Mirror photo booth of 2018. If you’re looking to start a new photo booth business or set your current photo booth business apart from the competition, then you’ve come to the right place.

Why Invest In The Fusion Magic Mirror?

The Incredible Booth’s latest Magic Mirror Booth is designed with industry experience, crafted by hand and built with the end user in mind.

Appropriately termed ‘Fusion’, this stylish and lightweight Magic Mirror offers businesses within the photo booth industry a welcomed alternative to the Magic Mirrors currently available within the photo booth industry today.

Utilizing fresh design insight, the team at The Incredible Booth combined industry understanding with years of manufacturing experience in an effort to re-design the original Mirror Booth concept and solve the shortfalls of initial designs which have plagued Mirror Booths and there owners for years.  Developed with a focus on aesthetics, styling, portability, brandability, and convenience, the Fusion Magic Mirror will not only increase your current product portfolio but will help change the current dynamic and direction of your Photo Booth business for years to come.

Build A Booth

Package Includes

White Fusion Mirror & Stand
Open Platform (software not supplied)
32" Samsung Led Monitor
Animated Led Lights
Branded Travel Case's
Custom Interchangable Branding Inlays
IPad Holder
Advised Hardware List

Cost 5895 GBP

Plug & Play

Package Includes

Custom Colour Fusion Mirror & Stand
Breeze DSLR Remote Pro With Integrated Software By The Incredible Booth
32" Samsung Led Monitor
Animated Led Lights
Branded Travel Case's
Custom Interchangable Branding Inlays
Integrated IPad & Holder
Canon M50 DSLR Camera
Mini I7 NUC P.C
DNP DS620 Printer
Elinchrome D-lite RX One Studio Flash
1 Year Free Technical Support
Full Training
1 Year Product Support

Cost 8995 GBP

Customize Your Fusion

 Every Fusion Is crafted for every client

Fusion Mirror Booth
Choose Your Colour

Select your own Fusion colour we offer over 100 colours.

Branding Made Easy

Every Fusion comes branded with your own design.

Lightweight Cradel

Select your Cradel colour.

Height Ajustment

With or without hight ajustment? You decide.


Select your base & bolt colour.

Branded Soft Case

Every Fusion Mirror comes with your required branding.

Awesome LED Light Show’s

What!!! Lights that actually work as a countdown?

Holy Smokes!! now, this is awesome!!

Here at The Incredible Booth, everything has to have the wow factor and make your client think, remember that awesome photo booth we hired, let’s use them again.å

The Incredible Mirror Booth offers integrated light shows which is a first for Mirror Booths. Around the front Mirror Glass LED’s act in various ways including countdowns and celebration modes. Vertical LED’s on the back of the Mirror Booth will be in-sync with the front also.

Social Media

Integrated Sharing Station

Over the years we have learned that space within venues is not always on our side. There has all ways been that question, where do I put the Social Media Station?

The Incredible Mirror Booth offers an integrated social media sharing station, your clients can use the Mirror at the front then move to back and upload & share their masterpieces.

Fusion Mirror Unit

The question everyone is asking, What's the weight?

The main Fusion Mirror unit weighs 34kg | 75lbs
This weight is with all equipment inside.

Total Weight 53 Kg | 115lbs

The Incredible Mirror Booth
Base & Cradle

The total weight for the Base and Cradle is?

Base: 13Kg | 28lbs
Cradel: 6Kg | 13lbs

A total combined weight of 19Kg | 41lbs

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I need to make an appointment now!!!! How can I find you guys? I need to collect my Incredible Mirror Photo Booth.



Unit 1, 26 Scratchface Lane



Office: 02393 190 110