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Looking to buy a Photo Booth from a manufacturer that loves you as much as you love yourself ?


To consistently innovate in the pursute of perfection.

Supplying modern, sleek, innovative hardware solutions to the Photo Booth industry that replicate the quality, care and attention that business owners apply to their individual businesses.

Let’s be honest, who knows what you want better than yourself.


A unique look as standard! Each individual Photo Booth by The Incredible Booth can be tailored to promote any look, style or brand. Utilising interchangeable panels and promotional graphics, our product range offers business owners and clients alike a unique solution to tailorable branding and flexible customisation.

Awesome Design.

Utalising the latest in 3D modelling software, The Incredible Booth design team innovates its stylish range of modern, sleek and fully customisable Photo Booths, Mirror booths and Selfie Pods to meet the highest standards and requirements of both the Photo Booth owner and Industry.

Hot Looks

Designed and manufactured in-house at our factory in the UK, The Incredible Booths stylish range of Photo Booths, Mirror Booth and Selfie Pods are produced to the highest standards and demonstrate minute attention to detail, superb style, and flexible branding solutions to facilitate any event or activation.

Unrivaled Quality

The Incredible Booths range of Photo Booths, Mirror Booths and Selfie Pods are manufactured using advanced composite construction methods, CNC production tooling and meticulous attention to-detail. Our production process ensure industry leading build quality and craftsmanship.